VMware vCenter Operations Manager Essentials – review

I was planning to read this book earlier, I have already copied it to my tablet more than 2-3 weeks ago, but I have just finished the reading. In a virtualized environment, especially if there are a bunch of ESXi hosts, datastores and a lot of VMs the comprehensive and continuous performance and capacity monitoring, analytics is crucial.


The author Lauren Malhoit in his book VMware vCenter Operations Manager Essentials by Pack Publishing opens at the very beginning: Introducing the vCOps Suite, different versions, installing the vCOps, then he builds up the picture about this powerful solution. Covers not just the vCOps installation, configuration, dashboards, badges, reports and troubleshoot but he writes about the capacity planning: common issues, optimizations, what-if scenarios. Other products from the VMware vCenter Operations Manager Suite are also covered, such as the vCenter Configuration Manager has a chapter with a detailed installation and configuration guide. I am really glad that Lauren has included one of the most interesting new VMware product, the Log Insight virtual appliance. Installation, alert/query creation and integration/collaboration with the vCOps are presented good. The book takes you through the Horizon View integration and also an advanced level vCOps Suite tool the vCenter Infrastructure Navigator has an own chapter as well. In the last section we can get a short overview about a vCOps add-on: the EMC storage analytics (ESA) management pack.

The book is very logical, easy-to-understand, uses step-by-step guides with in-depth descriptions and contains a lot of screenshots in 246 pages. Since the vCOps is available within the vCloud Suite also, I would suggest to deploy this powerful virtual appliance anyway. And of course you can use this great reference during the implementation and configuration.

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