VCAP6–DCV Design Beta Exam 3V0-622 – Passed!

Almost half a year ago (on 11th of March) I took the VCAP6–DCV Design Beta Exam 3V0-622 exam (my exam experience is here). Spring and also the Summer is almost gone, results are nowhere. At the beginning VMware said: results will be available until end of May, but it has been delayed. New date: end of August. Okay, the scoring takes a little bit more time, patience. Friday I have just checked the new Certification Manager, under the recent activity there were some updates:


Yes, finally, that is a PASS 🙂 However I have not yet received any official email from VMware. With this advanced exam all the VCP-DCV exams (v5, v6) were re-certified, until 11th of May, 2018, in my case. That means plus two years. The PASS is also displayed on the MyLearn and the Pearson VUE page, under the Exam History section.


The final 3V0-622 exam has changed a little bit

The main important differences:

  • Duration: I had 245 minutes (+30 because of non-English expand), but the GA has only 175 minutes – so shorter with 70 minutes.
  • Number of questions: Beta had 22 design plus 9 drag and drop, so in total 31 questions, GA has only 18 in total.

About the details please check the exam page.

What about the VCIX6-DCV?

I have checked all of the pages (VMware Mylearn, Certification Manager, Person VUE) but nothing is displayed about the VCIX. However based of the VMware’s statement I have also passed all of the requirements, which are needed for passing the VMware Certified Implementation Expert 6 – Data Center Virtualization


In my case: Holding the VCAP5-DCD or VCAP5-DCA (I have both) and take the VCAP6-DCV Deploy or Design.


I will update this post soon.

If you are just preparing for the exam, you can use my study resources, Good Luck!


I’ve just received the official mail for VMware about the transcript changes:)


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3 Responses to VCAP6–DCV Design Beta Exam 3V0-622 – Passed!

  1. Precious says:

    Congrats. Am glad for you and looking forward to seeing you share even more goodnews

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