VMUG Hungary 2017 Q1 – Great Opening

Yesterday was the first VMUG, HU in 2017: nice venue, exciting presentations, delicious lunch and around 100-130 attendees. As I wrote, the Cinema City was the host again which has of course a fantastic huge screen for presentations:)

Lets check the agenda a bit detailed.

9:00-9:50Regisztráció / Registration

9:50-10:00 VMUG Leader köszöntő / Welcome

Csaba has talked about the new global VMUG site – he will upload the photos and presentations of the previous VMUG events soon.


Előadás címe: VMware vRealize Operations Manager bevezetés és tapasztalatok a Lapker Zrt.-ben
Előadó: Gyémánt Krisztián (Areus Zrt.) és Kiss Tibor Lapker Zrt.

The first topic was a vRealize Operations Manager PoC / implementation / administration case study in Lapker Zrt. We have seen how awesome is the Infra Navigator (it’s mapping the VM dependencies at application level automatically) Tibor showed us several examples about the alarms and predictions.


Előadó: Boris Mittelmann (VEEAM)
Előadás címe: Hidden and overlooked gems that make VEAAM unigue availability solution

Obviously the message was that they do not like any more the “backup software” category, but using instead “availability” software. the Linux and Windows agents are still in beta, but coming soon.

Also, a new management tool will be launched, called VEEAM Availability Console, for service providers and distributed enterprise environments. A short reminder about the Quick Migration i.e. (s)vMotion w/o vCenter. There were a couple of slides about the Enterprise Manager (coming soon) which is a web based management tool, tag integration. Swiss knife at Veeam side is the Backup Extractor, which is a 20MB size smart tool, handles the VEEAM backup files w/o any infrastructure (vCenter, B&R, etc). So even if all of the infra components are lost, except the backups, VMs / VMDKs / guest files can be restored with this tool.

Also I had a talk with Boris about the new B&R v10. He showed me some very interesting new features, which will come later this year. But I can’t tell more, because he would shoot me down:)

11:00-11:30Kávészünet / Coffee break

Great cookies and good coffee with IT experts  🙂


Előadó: Czuczumanov Valentin
Előadás címe: VMware bejelentések, újdonságok az EUC háza tájáról

Valentin brought us several exciting news.

  • In the ECU segment the magic quadrant showed that the Horizon passed the Citrix.
  • News from the latest Horizon version (7.1):
    • Just-in-time Management Platform (JMP),
    • Blast protocol enhancements in different network conditions,
    • Skype for Business.
  • Workspace One: SSO for your apps from any device.
  • New App Volumes editions are available (Std / Adv / Ent).
  • Based on the recent purchases only 30-32% of the sales at VMware was coming from vSphere. The other huge part was everything else, but upper level.
  • At the end we have seen a great demo about the App Volumes: under 2-3 seconds ~20-30 apps were pushed to a demo desktop. Uninstallation took also only 2-3 seconds. That was impressive.


Előadás címe: Lenovo nagyvállalati megoldásai VMware-re hangolva

Miklos started his presentation with the Lenovo / ex-IBM server portfolio: Tower, Rack, Dense / Flex categories. Currently there are Lenovo based (RS, RD)  and IBM based (System X) rack servers, but in the near future the portfolio will be consolidated: ThinkServer and ThinkAgile will be the only brands. He talked about the Flex nodes, Chassis and the NeXtScale System in details. Both are suitable for virtualization. Then the huge rack servers were mentioned: System x3850 X6, which is a 4-socket 4U high performance modular sever with great expansion options, check the photo, in the left corner.

The beast System x3950 X6 is a 8-socket 8U, which can be logically partitioned into two 4-socket systems. There were couple of slides about the network options and the entry-level storage solutions (Storwize family). Based on the research, Lenovo thinks that the feature of the storage solutions will be the SDS (Software-Defined Storage) with Nexenta and Cloudian.

12:30-13:00EBÉD / Lunch


Előadó: Czuczumanov Valentin
Előadás címe: VMware Validated Designs

In this presentation Valentin showed us what is the VMware Validated Designs We have seen the new 4.0 version. The official webpage has a great definition, so I will use it:

VMware Validated Designs deliver holistic data center-level designs that span compute, storage, networking and management, defining the gold standard for how to deploy and configure the complete VMware SDDC stack in a wide range of use cases.

The version 4.0 is just 3 weeks old, the new set of the documents can be downloaded from here. It defines PODs (Point of Delivery) which can be: Management, Edge and Compute. Here is a great high level post about the POD components. Below a huge poster from the 3.0. The new 4.0 version can be downloaded in .pdf format.

13:30-14:00Közösségi előadás / Community Presentation

Előadó: Herceg András (VCAP-DCA/DCD, vExpert)
Előadás címe: vCenter SSL tanusítvány készítése és cseréje / Self-Signed vCenter SSL Certificate – Creating and Replacing

That was my presentation at the end:) I have talked about how to create and replace a self-signed (expired..) vCenter SSL certificate. I went through also a Root CA (MS AD CS) installation & SSL template creation. This is a non-production (test & dev) environment case-study with a lot troubleshooting, but with a happy end. You can check my Perzi here:

14:00Sorsolás, Zárás / Giveaway, Closing

Giveaway! Csaba and the sponsors had exciting prizes, such as: 1-year VMUG Advantage subscription, VMUG MUG, a Synology 2-disks NAS, (yes, Csaba you are right, that is a really good product, I am using one many years ago:), a VMware bag and some other things.

The next VMUG date is 2017, Jun!

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