vSAN Experience Day

On 3rd May we had a great day, called vSAN Experience Day. The event hosted by VMware, in Holiday Beach Budapest Hotel.

The presenter, Karel Rudišar is a System Engineer at VMware from Czech Republic. He previously worked at Dell, has significant experience at storage and vSAN area. Let’s check the agenda:

The event was organized as a classroom training. Rudišar has started with the SSDC. Some words about the market share of complete portfolio, evolution of storage components and the current market status of the vSAN. (7000+customers, 100+ countries)

Then we went through the vSAN basics: limitations, policies, HCI, tier types, disk groups, use-cases, options (VxRAIL, ready nodes, certified components)

The latest version of the vSAN 6.6 was just released, with a huge feature package. I also wrote some posts about the new features of the vSAN 6.2 last year, but this table summarizes each release. (click to enlarge)

Stretched cluster had a couple of slides. If you have 5ms RTT & 10Gbps connection between sites, you can build one

Next topics: RoBo, Hybrid vs All-Flash setup.

vRealize Operations Manager has a management pack for vSAN, you can download from here. Here you can check a great demo about it.

Another topics was also excited. If you want to try the vSAN without having any physical vSAN components, you can do it via the Hands On Labs!

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2 Responses to vSAN Experience Day

  1. kisstib0r says:

    It was a great and interesting day! 🙂

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