VMUG Hungary 2017 Q2 – Recap

Yesterday was the second VMUG, HU in 2017, with three community presenters in total!

Cinema City was the host again. Let’s check the agenda!

9:00-9:50 – Regisztráció / Registration

9:50-10:10 – VMUG Leader köszöntő / Welcome

Csaba mentioned, that the VMUG Virtual Event (the last one) is available for free on the Website, so you can watch the entire event. Additionally, here you can check the VMUG Webcasts. The VMworld 2017 Barcelona is coming, (11-14 Sept) so if you have a chance to attend, register. Another good news is that Kiss Tibor has joined again to the VMUG Hungary as a second leader. From now on they will organize the VMUG Conferences together.

10:10-10:40 – CLICO

Előadás címe: Simplify Data Protection for VMware
Előadó: Filip Verloy – Rubrik

Filip has introduced the Rubrik’s Data Protection Solution. From the webpage:

Rubrik Cloud Data Management delivers automated backup, recovery, archival, search, cloud, and development in a simple, scale-out platform built for hybrid cloud.

They simplify the Data protection with using only one converged appliance (a scaleable brick) with 4 independent nodes inside. No backup jobs any more, but we have SLAs.

Instant Point-in-time recovery, configuration under 1 hour, full HTML5 GUI, PowerShell, REST API, integrated with vRO/vRA, public clouds, replication, DR… Sounds promising.

10:40-11:10 – Netapp – DData

Előadás címe: HCI garantált teljesítménnyel
Előadó: Varga Gyula (DData)

Gyula showed us the NetApp’s converged solution, called SolidFire with Element OS. This is the HCI answer from NetApp for the question visible on the slide below:

This All-Flash array guarantees the IOPS performance for the VMs, highly scalable and flexible (you can mix the storage and compute nodes)

11:10-11:40 – Kávészünet / Coffee Break

Some small talks and good coffee:)

11:40-12:10 – VMware

Előadás címe: Újdonságok és érdekességek a VMware háza tájáról.
Előadó: Czuczumanov Valentin

Valentin talked about some recent news. The strategy of  VMware has 4 priorities:

  1. Modernize Data Centers – SDDC
  2. Integrate Public Clouds – AWS and MS Azure. The 60% of the customers are using at least one public cloud already. 48% is using two different public cloud providers. The forecast for 2020 is that the 30% of the workload will be in public clouds.
  3. Empower the Digital Workspace
  4. Transform Security

For more, you can read here. Another news / releases:

12:10-12:40 – Közösségi előadás / Community Presentation

Előadás címe: VMware Mirage for Retail
Előadó : Kiss Tibor (Lapker Zrt.)

Tibor showed us the Mirage (image management tool) PoC, design and administration experiences in a multi location bandwidth sensitive environment with Windows 10 clients.

We have seen how can we install the Mirage components, create a base image with application layers and driver library.

The Windows 10 clients are connected via 3G/4G so the data usage e.g. during a Windows Update is very limited. So he created a new base image and assigned to the clients. The Mirage server sends only the deduplicated, delta data. The results of the measurements are on the following slide:

12:40-13:10 – EBÉD

13:10-13:40 – Közösségi előadás / Community Presentation

Előadás címe: PowerCLI 30 percben
Előadó: Soltész Zoltán (MOL Nyrt.)

Zoltan has brought us one of my favorite topic, the PowerCLI. He started with a small introduction of PowerCLI: Why it is a great tool, what is possible, how can we use it. Since the latest 6.5.1 version we do not need to install the MSI package any more, because the PowerCLI is available directly from the PowerShell Gallery. We went through the installation and some basic command lets.

We also had a demo session: creation of some random VM is just a one-liner, very easy to get information about a VM, or modify a parameter (e.g. CPU, RAM, etc.)

At the end of the presentation Zoltan talked about another possibilities, e.g MSchart, SQL and excel outputs.

13:40-14:10 – Közösségi előadás / Community Presentation

Előadó: Bertalan Bence
Előadás címe: VirtualSAN in action! Tapasztalatok, tippek éles VSAN üzemeltetéséhez

The last presentation was from Bence. He talked about VSAN admin / troubleshoot experiences in production environments. One of the most important requirement was the PCI compliance – (because of the huge multinational corporate) -, which can easily accomplished by VSAN. (physical separation from another workloads). They are basically satisfied with the VSAN: It is continuously and rapidly enhanced, new features are coming, has a great performance, used by more then 8000 customers already. However they had some interesting situations / issues:

  • Check the HCL always (P/N, FW levels, etc.) even if a component was listed they had an outage with a supported FW version. Later it was fixed with a new FW by the vendor
  • IGMP, Multicast – with VSAN 6.6 the IGMP snooping is removed, unicast is used instead of. With the older versions problems could occur.

So the upgrade to the VSAN6.6 is planned, but till now there is no in-place upgrade path from vSphere 6.0 U3.

14:10 – Sorsolás, Zárás / Giveaway, Closing

The sponsors and Csaba had some good prizes.

The next VMUG will be end of September. Have a good holiday!

Update 28/06: Tibor uploaded his Mirage presentation to his blog.

Posts about the past VMUG conferences:

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