NSX Experience Day

Yesterday, on 29th May we had a 1-day hands-on lab / conference, a technical session of NSX Network Virtualization and Security Platform. The event hosted by VMware Hungary, in Holiday Beach Budapest Hotel.

The presenter, Piotr Jabłoński is a Senior System Engineer at VMware from Poland. He previously worked at Cisco, has significant experience at Data Center networking, security and NSX area. He is also a CCDE and CCIE. Let’s check the agenda

The event was organized as a classroom training. We went through the basics: What is NSX, how does it fit into the Software-Defined Datacenter. How can we compare with the traditional physical network infrastructure and what are the benefits. Then the architecture of the NSX was discussed.

After the Logical Switching section we did a HOL (Hands On Labs) together, the first part of the 1,5 hour long HOL-1703-SDC-5 – SociaLab: Intro to VMware NSX lab. You can also try that lab for free from your web browser, it provides a fully guided real environment experience. (You have access a complete virtual lab with instructions but you can also use it as a sandbox to try features. I mentioned during my exam preparation several times, this is a pretty awesome tool.)

We talked about the firewalls and 3rd party AV integrations. The spoofguard and some firewall rules were tested in the lab together with two Linux VMs. At the end there were a couple of words about the vRealize Automation and the vRelaize Network Insight. Both tools could help a lot during the NSX administration.

So it was a great and useful event, thanks to Piotr Jabłoński and the Hungarian VMware team!

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