VMUG Hungary 2018 Q1 – Recap

On Friday was the first VMUG HU, in 2018. It was hosted by Cinema City again.

This time we had Cloud Cookies made by IBM:)

Let’s check the agenda!

Unfortunately I arrived a bit late, around 11am, so I missed the first presentation: “Arrow – Commvault”.  After the coffee break, the next session was:

10:50 – 11:20 – IBM

Előadó: Pál Ferenc / IBM Cloud üzletág technológiai vezető, Délkelet-Európa
Előadás címe: VMware IBM Cloud-on

Pal talked a lot about the IBM-VMware partnership and the IBM Cloud. Some of them are based on VMware solutions.

IBM offers the followings in pay-as-you go or subscription model:

  • vSphere: only compute virtualization
  • vCenter: compute and storage virtualization (vSAN)
  • VMware Cloud Foundation: full SSDC: compute, storage and network virtualization (NSX)

Migration is to/from the cloud/on prem pretty easy.

11:20 – 11:50 – DimensionData-Netapp

Előadó: Varga Gyula (Dimension Data)
Előadás címe: Felhő, de ésszel

Gyula and DimensionData have several years experience in system integration with VMware products. He talked about the evaluation/planning/migration to the cloud processes and shared some useful tips and tricks. There was a great checklist, so I took a photo about that:)

It is important that during the migration the IT needs to be also standardized and homogenized with automated workflows.

11:50 – 12:20 –  Arrow – Veeam

Előadó: Varsányi András
Előadás címe: A „hiper-rendelkezésre állás” harmadik eljövetele – Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 u3

Andras has shared with us a couple of new things from the VEEAM. With the latest 9.5 U3 the followings were introduced:

  • Build-in agent management – The previous solution (called Endpoint Backup) is now fully integrated into the B&R, so it can be deployed remotely.

  • More integration with storage snapshots

  • Veeam ONE: Agent monitoring and reporting released.

And other additional new 9.5 U3 features can be found here for B&R and here for Veeam ONE.

New product has also launched, called Veeam Availability Orchestrator. This orchestration helps to plan, create, test, execute and document disaster recovery.

One more thing at the end of the pretension: Andras has mentioned that an official Veeam application for Android will be released soon.

12:20 – 13:00 – Ebéd / Lunch

The catering was good. During the break I have tried the htc VIVE, which was unbelievable amazing. Previously I had experience only with the Samsung Gear VR, and also with the Google VR, but those cannot be compered with the VIVE. I played with a demo as a car repair. That was fun. Also the Google Earth was beautiful.

Then I had other things to do, so I skipped the presentation of  Clico – Palo Alto and the half of the TechData-DellEMC.

13:30 – 14:00 – TechData-DellEMC

Előadó: Módly Zoltán
Előadás címe: Megújult a VxRail – Hyperconverged megoldások a Dell EMC-től

Zoltan showed us the new VxRAIL nodes from Dell-EMC. More details are here.

14:00 – 14:30 – VMware

Előadó: Czuczumanov Valentin
Előadás címe: Hírek, érdekességek és újdonságok a VMware háza tájáról

Valentin has brought news from VMware as usually. For example, in February was the 20th birthday!

VMworld: Call for papers has started.

Then a couple of recent acquisitions were presented, such as:

  • Velocloud,  which is a software-defined WAN solution
  • Cloud Coreo, which is an infrastructure stack cloud/hosts/app security solution
  • Cloud Velox, which is an automation migration solution between DC/cloud/intra DC
  • Apteligent, which delivers answers to ongoing mobile business problems.
  • Wavefront, which is a cloud-native monitoring and analytics solution.

New versions / New Products

  • Horizon 7.4: Session collab, Instant-Clone Support for Linux, H264 high color accuracy. For more check the Release Notes.

14:30 – 15:00 – Közösségi előadás

Előadó: Kiss Tibor
Előadás címe: Log management and analytics by VMware LogInsight

Tibor talked about the Log Management with Log Insight: motivations, plan, setup, workflows, content packs.

There is a Google Sheet calculator where you can plan properly your LI infrastructure. Tibor said, that we can count with 150 MB/ day / ESXi host. If you later plan to expand your LI with an additional node to create a cluster, then after the installation set the vIP. With the Log Insight we will be able to get an overview for example about the snapshots: Who did on which VM?

With Content Packs we can integrate another virtualized or bare metal server / network components. The list is continuously growing.

15:00 – Sorsolás, rendezvény zárás / Giveaway, Closing

The sponsors and Csaba had some good prizes

Posts about the past VMUG conferences:

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