VMUG Hungary 2018 Q2 – Recap

On Friday was the second VMUG HU, in 2018. It was hosted by Cinema City again

Let’s check the agenda

10:00-10:30 – Clico – Palo Alto

Előadó: Schulcz Norbert (Systems Engineer, Palo Alto Networks)
Előadás címe: Végpontvédelem VDI környezetben, Palo Alto Traps megoldásával

Norbert talked about the current methods of IT attacks and then the weakness of a VDI environment, which is the gold image. The endpoint security solution, called Traps is using a cloud-delivered security service: WildFire. This thread analysis service continuously collects new threads/methods which are contributed by 23 000+ customers.

10:30-11:00 – Fujitsu

Előadó: Taál Péter (Pre-Sales Architect, Fujitsu)
Előadás címe: Így nyújt segítséget a FUJITSU a VMware felhasználóknak

The Storage portfolio by Fujitsu were introduced by Peter. The hybrid category (DX) started with the smallest Eternus DX60 S3/S4 upto the DX8900 S3. The All-flash category Eternus arrays marked with AF and it scaled from AF250 S2 to AF650 S2.

At the backup solution area the Eternus CS200c is the smallest appliance which is using block level deduplication.

11:30-12:00 – VMware

Előadó: Láris Gergely (PSO mérnök, VMware) és Czuczumanov Valentin (Senior Rendszermérnök, VMware)
Előadás címe: VMware PSO szolgáltatás bemutatása és valódi élmények a terepről

After the coffee break, the first Engineer from VMware Gergely talked about the Professional Services. What they are doing and how. There are several PSO services, which can support a customer. Gergely presented us the two following areas:

  1. Upgrade / Migrate vSphere / vCenter environments
  2. Health check. (a list with 166 items and several talks with the customer)

Then two customer stories were introduced. The first customer wanted a health check on their 6500+ ESXi hosts (in vCenter linked group) environment. They faced with stability and performance issues.  However the limit of the ESXi hosts is 4000 in vCenter Linked Mode, but it worked somehow.

12:00-12:30 – VMware

Előadó: Bárány Máté (Systems Engineer, VMware AirWatch)
Előadás címe: Windows 10 Modern Menedzsment a gyakorlatban

The second VMware Engineer, Mate talked about the AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management (now it is Workspace ONE) especially about the Windows 10 integration.

We went through the management possibilities, then Mate made a quick demo with a Windows 10 installation + Workspace ONE integration.

12:30-13:30 – EBÉD

As always, the lunch was good.

13:30-14:00 – Közösségi előadás

Előadó: Bertalan Bence (VMware rendszermérnök)
Előadás címe: VMware ❤ Containerz – A DevOps óceán élővilága – Docker, K8s, PKS

The last presentation from Bence was about the container world. He started from the beginning, then went through the orchestration options (kubernetes) until the Pivotal Container Service (PKS).

Then the last part was about the VMware container products:

In this container topic, there are two Hands On Lab:

  • HOL-1830-01-CNA – Photon OS and Container Basics – Getting Started
  • HOL-1830-02-CNA – vSphere Integrated Containers – Getting Started

Both of them are 1:30 hours long, nice labs on Windows 2012 VM.

14:00 – Sorsolás, rendezvény zárás

At the end, Csaba and the sponsors did the giveaway: power bank, bluetooth speaker and earphone,  survival kit, and some other.

Thanks for the VMUG and for the Sponsors!

Posts about the past VMUG conferences:

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  1. kisstib0r says:

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