VMUG Hungary 2018 Q3 – Recap

We had the third VMUG HU last Friday. It was hosted by Cinema City again

Based on Csaba VMUG leader slides: more than 177 members have registered! And we have a pretty nice agenda!

10:00 – 10:30 – BPS – Eaton

Előadás címe: Virtualizációt támogató energia menedzsment az Eaton megoldásaival
Előadó: Kókai Róbert, Business Development Manager, White Space Solutions Channel/ CCE, Middle East & Russia, Eaton

We had an overview about the Intelligent Power Manager Infrastructure solution from EATON and how is it integrated with vSphere.

10:30 – 11:00 – CLICO – Palo Alto

Előadás címe: Biztonságos adatközponti szegmentáció NSX és Palo Alto Networks
Előadó: Schulcz Norbert – Palo Alto Networks, Systems Engineer

Norbert talked about the today’s IT security problems (started with the World’s Biggest Data Breaches) and attack methods. Why Palo Alto Networks is the solution? His answer was the FildFire cloud-based threat analysis service. He also talked about the integration with the NSX. The automated security policy creation with Panorama was also mentioned.

11:00 – 11:30 – IBM

Előadás címe: A tároló NVMe ready…és a felhasználó?
Előadó: Grósz Attila, Client Technical Specialist, IBM Storage Systems

Attila showed us the current NVMe situation at the IBM storage side. He talked about the NAND Flash and the NVMe technologies.

Currently we are on the v1.3 and waiting for the next version which will provide native multipathing.

Also the all-flash FS9100 (NVMe-accelerated, multi-cloud enabled enterprise flash array) is introduced which uses 24x FlashCore Module (FCM)

11:30 – 11:50 – Kávészünet / Coffee Break

11:50 – 12:20 – FUJITSU

Előadás címe: FUJITSU integrált rendszerek vSphere-hez – SDS és hagyományos tároló megvalósítással
Előadó: Taál Péter, Pre-Sales Architect, Fujitsu

We could see and overview about the NFLEX converged infrastructure from NetApp and Fujitsu. which is:

  • NetApp FAS/AFF storage
  • Extreme Networks VDX switches

Also there were a few words about the System Architect (which is a Fujitsu infrastructure design tool)

12:20 – 12:50 – Veritas Technologies LLC

Előadás címe: #1 adatvédelem VMware-hez
Előadó: Farkas András, Senior Pre-Sales Consultant, EMEA Sales, Veritas Technologies LLC

We could get an insight about the Veritas backup portfolio, about the NetBackup. The latest 8.1.2 just released with a new UI

12:50 – 13:20 – Dimension Data – NetApp

Előadás címe: NetApp HCI új generáció, új funkciók
Előadó: Juhász Jácint, Storage Infrastructure Architect – Eastern Europe, NetApp

Jacint talked about the HCI solution from NetApp. Datasheet is available here.

13:20 – 14:00 – Ebéd / Lunch

14:00 – 14:30 – Arrow-Veeam

Előadás címe: „Örök élet, ingyen tárhely” – Felhős object storage mennyország mentéseinknek a Veeam Availability Suite update 4-gyel
Előadó: Varsányi András, Veeam Systems Engineer

Andras talked about the recent VEEAM news and what will be available soon:

Some insight about the Update 4 of Veeam Backup and Replication 9.5:

  • Archive Tier 2.0: option to backup to cheaper storage, such as Amazon S3 and S3-compatible object storage
  • Veeam Scale-out Backup Repository (SOBR)
  • Veeam Cloud Connect: vCD for VCC-R
  • Oracle RMAN (Recovery Manager)

  • Staged Restore: allows the admin to restore to an isolated environment, then inject and run a script allowing to remove some data

  • AntiVirus Quarantine: in zero day / ransomware situations: restore to an isolated environment, then clean the system, then restore to production

  • Role-Based Access Control: vSphere integration allows for permission delegation

14:30 – 15:00 – TechData-DellEMC

Előadás címe: Dell EMC ipari megoldások
Előadó: Rab Gergely, Solution Consultant, DellEMC

Unfortunately, I had to skip the most part of this presentation.

15:00 – 15:20 – Kávészünet / Coffee Break

15:20 – 15:50 – VMware

Előadás címe: VMworld újdonságok
Előadó: Czuczumanov Valentin

Valentin started with a great news: vForum again in Budapest!

The last one was in 2013, (same venue: Budapest Music Center).

Then the VMworld 2018 was in the focus, the Cloud (Management)

15:50 – 16:20 – VMware

Előadás címe: VSAN tapasztalatok a VMware PSO háza tájáról
Előadó: Láris Gergely

Gergo talked about customer VSAN cases. There were a couple of interesting troubleshoot experience, such as:

  • Heath check entry is green, however the entry is empty (check it manually!)
  • Same disks were used for capacity and cache tier (use faster disks for the cache tier!)
  • VSAN is almost full, so all of the disks are almost full (use maximum 70% of capacity!)
  • only one vmk port was configured for all type of traffic (use different VMKs for vMotion/VSAN/etc VMK ports)
  • Different disk FW versions from HCL (use only supported, latest FW versions which are in the VSAN HCL!)
  • Mixed size capacity disks. (use only the same size disks in the capacity tier!)

16:20 – Sorsolás

Great prizes from VMUG and from the sponsors.

17:00 – Meglepetés : Filmvetítés – egy premier mozifilm!/ Surprise Movie

However I couldn’t stay, but every VMUG member has received a free ticket for the movie Venom along with a menu:)

Don’t forget: 5 – 8 NOVEMBER 2018, BARCELONA – VMWORLD

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  1. Tibor Kiss says:

    Great recap! 🙂

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