VMUG Hungary 2018 Q3 – Recap

We had the third VMUG HU last Friday. It was hosted by Cinema City again

Based on Csaba VMUG leader slides: more than 177 members have registered! And we have a pretty nice agenda!

10:00 – 10:30 – BPS – Eaton

Előadás címe: Virtualizációt támogató energia menedzsment az Eaton megoldásaival
Előadó: Kókai Róbert, Business Development Manager, White Space Solutions Channel/ CCE, Middle East & Russia, Eaton

We had an overview about the Intelligent Power Manager Infrastructure solution from EATON and how is it integrated with vSphere.

10:30 – 11:00 – CLICO – Palo Alto

Előadás címe: Biztonságos adatközponti szegmentáció NSX és Palo Alto Networks
Előadó: Schulcz Norbert – Palo Alto Networks, Systems Engineer

Norbert talked about the today’s IT security problems (started with the World’s Biggest Data Breaches) and attack methods. Why Palo Alto Networks is the solution? His answer was the FildFire cloud-based threat analysis service. He also talked about the integration with the NSX. The automated security policy creation with Panorama was also mentioned.

11:00 – 11:30 – IBM

Előadás címe: A tároló NVMe ready…és a felhasználó?
Előadó: Grósz Attila, Client Technical Specialist, IBM Storage Systems

Attila showed us the current NVMe situation at the IBM storage side. He talked about the NAND Flash and the NVMe technologies.

Currently we are on the v1.3 and waiting for the next version which will provide native multipathing.

Also the all-flash FS9100 (NVMe-accelerated, multi-cloud enabled enterprise flash array) is introduced which uses 24x FlashCore Module (FCM)

11:30 – 11:50 – Kávészünet / Coffee Break

11:50 – 12:20 – FUJITSU

Előadás címe: FUJITSU integrált rendszerek vSphere-hez – SDS és hagyományos tároló megvalósítással
Előadó: Taál Péter, Pre-Sales Architect, Fujitsu

We could see and overview about the NFLEX converged infrastructure from NetApp and Fujitsu. which is:

  • NetApp FAS/AFF storage
  • Extreme Networks VDX switches

Also there were a few words about the System Architect (which is a Fujitsu infrastructure design tool)

12:20 – 12:50 – Veritas Technologies LLC

Előadás címe: #1 adatvédelem VMware-hez
Előadó: Farkas András, Senior Pre-Sales Consultant, EMEA Sales, Veritas Technologies LLC

We could get an insight about the Veritas backup portfolio, about the NetBackup. The latest 8.1.2 just released with a new UI

12:50 – 13:20 – Dimension Data – NetApp

Előadás címe: NetApp HCI új generáció, új funkciók
Előadó: Juhász Jácint, Storage Infrastructure Architect – Eastern Europe, NetApp

Jacint talked about the HCI solution from NetApp. Datasheet is available here.

13:20 – 14:00 – Ebéd / Lunch

14:00 – 14:30 – Arrow-Veeam

Előadás címe: „Örök élet, ingyen tárhely” – Felhős object storage mennyország mentéseinknek a Veeam Availability Suite update 4-gyel
Előadó: Varsányi András, Veeam Systems Engineer

Andras talked about the recent VEEAM news and what will be available soon:

Some insight about the Update 4 of Veeam Backup and Replication 9.5:

  • Archive Tier 2.0: option to backup to cheaper storage, such as Amazon S3 and S3-compatible object storage
  • Veeam Scale-out Backup Repository (SOBR)
  • Veeam Cloud Connect: vCD for VCC-R
  • Oracle RMAN (Recovery Manager)

  • Staged Restore: allows the admin to restore to an isolated environment, then inject and run a script allowing to remove some data

  • AntiVirus Quarantine: in zero day / ransomware situations: restore to an isolated environment, then clean the system, then restore to production

  • Role-Based Access Control: vSphere integration allows for permission delegation

14:30 – 15:00 – TechData-DellEMC

Előadás címe: Dell EMC ipari megoldások
Előadó: Rab Gergely, Solution Consultant, DellEMC

Unfortunately, I had to skip the most part of this presentation.

15:00 – 15:20 – Kávészünet / Coffee Break

15:20 – 15:50 – VMware

Előadás címe: VMworld újdonságok
Előadó: Czuczumanov Valentin

Valentin started with a great news: vForum again in Budapest!

The last one was in 2013, (same venue: Budapest Music Center).

Then the VMworld 2018 was in the focus, the Cloud (Management)

15:50 – 16:20 – VMware

Előadás címe: VSAN tapasztalatok a VMware PSO háza tájáról
Előadó: Láris Gergely

Gergo talked about customer VSAN cases. There were a couple of interesting troubleshoot experience, such as:

  • Heath check entry is green, however the entry is empty (check it manually!)
  • Same disks were used for capacity and cache tier (use faster disks for the cache tier!)
  • VSAN is almost full, so all of the disks are almost full (use maximum 70% of capacity!)
  • only one vmk port was configured for all type of traffic (use different VMKs for vMotion/VSAN/etc VMK ports)
  • Different disk FW versions from HCL (use only supported, latest FW versions which are in the VSAN HCL!)
  • Mixed size capacity disks. (use only the same size disks in the capacity tier!)

16:20 – Sorsolás

Great prizes from VMUG and from the sponsors.

17:00 – Meglepetés : Filmvetítés – egy premier mozifilm!/ Surprise Movie

However I couldn’t stay, but every VMUG member has received a free ticket for the movie Venom along with a menu:)

Don’t forget: 5 – 8 NOVEMBER 2018, BARCELONA – VMWORLD

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VMUG Hungary 2018 Q2 – Recap

On Friday was the second VMUG HU, in 2018. It was hosted by Cinema City again

Let’s check the agenda

10:00-10:30 – Clico – Palo Alto

Előadó: Schulcz Norbert (Systems Engineer, Palo Alto Networks)
Előadás címe: Végpontvédelem VDI környezetben, Palo Alto Traps megoldásával

Norbert talked about the current methods of IT attacks and then the weakness of a VDI environment, which is the gold image. The endpoint security solution, called Traps is using a cloud-delivered security service: WildFire. This thread analysis service continuously collects new threads/methods which are contributed by 23 000+ customers.

10:30-11:00 – Fujitsu

Előadó: Taál Péter (Pre-Sales Architect, Fujitsu)
Előadás címe: Így nyújt segítséget a FUJITSU a VMware felhasználóknak

The Storage portfolio by Fujitsu were introduced by Peter. The hybrid category (DX) started with the smallest Eternus DX60 S3/S4 upto the DX8900 S3. The All-flash category Eternus arrays marked with AF and it scaled from AF250 S2 to AF650 S2.

At the backup solution area the Eternus CS200c is the smallest appliance which is using block level deduplication.

11:30-12:00 – VMware

Előadó: Láris Gergely (PSO mérnök, VMware) és Czuczumanov Valentin (Senior Rendszermérnök, VMware)
Előadás címe: VMware PSO szolgáltatás bemutatása és valódi élmények a terepről

After the coffee break, the first Engineer from VMware Gergely talked about the Professional Services. What they are doing and how. There are several PSO services, which can support a customer. Gergely presented us the two following areas:

  1. Upgrade / Migrate vSphere / vCenter environments
  2. Health check. (a list with 166 items and several talks with the customer)

Then two customer stories were introduced. The first customer wanted a health check on their 6500+ ESXi hosts (in vCenter linked group) environment. They faced with stability and performance issues.  However the limit of the ESXi hosts is 4000 in vCenter Linked Mode, but it worked somehow.

12:00-12:30 – VMware

Előadó: Bárány Máté (Systems Engineer, VMware AirWatch)
Előadás címe: Windows 10 Modern Menedzsment a gyakorlatban

The second VMware Engineer, Mate talked about the AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management (now it is Workspace ONE) especially about the Windows 10 integration.

We went through the management possibilities, then Mate made a quick demo with a Windows 10 installation + Workspace ONE integration.

12:30-13:30 – EBÉD

As always, the lunch was good.

13:30-14:00 – Közösségi előadás

Előadó: Bertalan Bence (VMware rendszermérnök)
Előadás címe: VMware ❤ Containerz – A DevOps óceán élővilága – Docker, K8s, PKS

The last presentation from Bence was about the container world. He started from the beginning, then went through the orchestration options (kubernetes) until the Pivotal Container Service (PKS).

Then the last part was about the VMware container products:

In this container topic, there are two Hands On Lab:

  • HOL-1830-01-CNA – Photon OS and Container Basics – Getting Started
  • HOL-1830-02-CNA – vSphere Integrated Containers – Getting Started

Both of them are 1:30 hours long, nice labs on Windows 2012 VM.

14:00 – Sorsolás, rendezvény zárás

At the end, Csaba and the sponsors did the giveaway: power bank, bluetooth speaker and earphone,  survival kit, and some other.

Thanks for the VMUG and for the Sponsors!

Posts about the past VMUG conferences:

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vSphere 6.7!

The vSphere 6.7 is launched! Here are couple of improvements, such as:

  • 2X faster performance in vCenter operations per second
  • 3X reduction in memory usage
  • 3X faster DRS-related operations (e.g. power-on virtual machine)

And there are new features as well, for example:

  • vCSA template
  • vSphere Quick Boot
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 + virtual TPM
  • encrypted vMotion across different vCenter instances
  • vSphere Persistent Memory
  • vCenter Server Hybrid Linked Mode
  • Per-VM EVC!

For more check this post, or this one. This is the download location.

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vExpert 2018

VMware has just posted the announcement of the vExpert 2018 in the VMTN blog. This year there are around 1530+ names in total in the vExpert Directory.

From Hungary there are four:

Valentin from VMware, Zoli (owner of the blog http://vmware-tsm.blogspot.hu/ ), Tibor (former VMUG HU Leader and owner of the blog https://kisstibor.info/ ) and me.

Congrats to everyone!:)

Last years’ vExpert blog posts, (except from 2017) 2014, 2015, 2016

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VMUG Hungary 2018 Q1 – Recap

On Friday was the first VMUG HU, in 2018. It was hosted by Cinema City again.

This time we had Cloud Cookies made by IBM:)

Let’s check the agenda!

Unfortunately I arrived a bit late, around 11am, so I missed the first presentation: “Arrow – Commvault”.  After the coffee break, the next session was:

10:50 – 11:20 – IBM

Előadó: Pál Ferenc / IBM Cloud üzletág technológiai vezető, Délkelet-Európa
Előadás címe: VMware IBM Cloud-on

Pal talked a lot about the IBM-VMware partnership and the IBM Cloud. Some of them are based on VMware solutions.

IBM offers the followings in pay-as-you go or subscription model:

  • vSphere: only compute virtualization
  • vCenter: compute and storage virtualization (vSAN)
  • VMware Cloud Foundation: full SSDC: compute, storage and network virtualization (NSX)

Migration is to/from the cloud/on prem pretty easy.

11:20 – 11:50 – DimensionData-Netapp

Előadó: Varga Gyula (Dimension Data)
Előadás címe: Felhő, de ésszel

Gyula and DimensionData have several years experience in system integration with VMware products. He talked about the evaluation/planning/migration to the cloud processes and shared some useful tips and tricks. There was a great checklist, so I took a photo about that:)

It is important that during the migration the IT needs to be also standardized and homogenized with automated workflows.

11:50 – 12:20 –  Arrow – Veeam

Előadó: Varsányi András
Előadás címe: A „hiper-rendelkezésre állás” harmadik eljövetele – Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 u3

Andras has shared with us a couple of new things from the VEEAM. With the latest 9.5 U3 the followings were introduced:

  • Build-in agent management – The previous solution (called Endpoint Backup) is now fully integrated into the B&R, so it can be deployed remotely.

  • More integration with storage snapshots

  • Veeam ONE: Agent monitoring and reporting released.

And other additional new 9.5 U3 features can be found here for B&R and here for Veeam ONE.

New product has also launched, called Veeam Availability Orchestrator. This orchestration helps to plan, create, test, execute and document disaster recovery.

One more thing at the end of the pretension: Andras has mentioned that an official Veeam application for Android will be released soon.

12:20 – 13:00 – Ebéd / Lunch

The catering was good. During the break I have tried the htc VIVE, which was unbelievable amazing. Previously I had experience only with the Samsung Gear VR, and also with the Google VR, but those cannot be compered with the VIVE. I played with a demo as a car repair. That was fun. Also the Google Earth was beautiful.

Then I had other things to do, so I skipped the presentation of  Clico – Palo Alto and the half of the TechData-DellEMC.

13:30 – 14:00 – TechData-DellEMC

Előadó: Módly Zoltán
Előadás címe: Megújult a VxRail – Hyperconverged megoldások a Dell EMC-től

Zoltan showed us the new VxRAIL nodes from Dell-EMC. More details are here.

14:00 – 14:30 – VMware

Előadó: Czuczumanov Valentin
Előadás címe: Hírek, érdekességek és újdonságok a VMware háza tájáról

Valentin has brought news from VMware as usually. For example, in February was the 20th birthday!

VMworld: Call for papers has started.

Then a couple of recent acquisitions were presented, such as:

  • Velocloud,  which is a software-defined WAN solution
  • Cloud Coreo, which is an infrastructure stack cloud/hosts/app security solution
  • Cloud Velox, which is an automation migration solution between DC/cloud/intra DC
  • Apteligent, which delivers answers to ongoing mobile business problems.
  • Wavefront, which is a cloud-native monitoring and analytics solution.

New versions / New Products

  • Horizon 7.4: Session collab, Instant-Clone Support for Linux, H264 high color accuracy. For more check the Release Notes.

14:30 – 15:00 – Közösségi előadás

Előadó: Kiss Tibor
Előadás címe: Log management and analytics by VMware LogInsight

Tibor talked about the Log Management with Log Insight: motivations, plan, setup, workflows, content packs.

There is a Google Sheet calculator where you can plan properly your LI infrastructure. Tibor said, that we can count with 150 MB/ day / ESXi host. If you later plan to expand your LI with an additional node to create a cluster, then after the installation set the vIP. With the Log Insight we will be able to get an overview for example about the snapshots: Who did on which VM?

With Content Packs we can integrate another virtualized or bare metal server / network components. The list is continuously growing.

15:00 – Sorsolás, rendezvény zárás / Giveaway, Closing

The sponsors and Csaba had some good prizes

Posts about the past VMUG conferences:

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NSX Experience Day

Yesterday, on 29th May we had a 1-day hands-on lab / conference, a technical session of NSX Network Virtualization and Security Platform. The event hosted by VMware Hungary, in Holiday Beach Budapest Hotel.

The presenter, Piotr Jabłoński is a Senior System Engineer at VMware from Poland. He previously worked at Cisco, has significant experience at Data Center networking, security and NSX area. He is also a CCDE and CCIE. Let’s check the agenda

The event was organized as a classroom training. We went through the basics: What is NSX, how does it fit into the Software-Defined Datacenter. How can we compare with the traditional physical network infrastructure and what are the benefits. Then the architecture of the NSX was discussed.

After the Logical Switching section we did a HOL (Hands On Labs) together, the first part of the 1,5 hour long HOL-1703-SDC-5 – SociaLab: Intro to VMware NSX lab. You can also try that lab for free from your web browser, it provides a fully guided real environment experience. (You have access a complete virtual lab with instructions but you can also use it as a sandbox to try features. I mentioned during my exam preparation several times, this is a pretty awesome tool.)

We talked about the firewalls and 3rd party AV integrations. The spoofguard and some firewall rules were tested in the lab together with two Linux VMs. At the end there were a couple of words about the vRealize Automation and the vRelaize Network Insight. Both tools could help a lot during the NSX administration.

So it was a great and useful event, thanks to Piotr Jabłoński and the Hungarian VMware team!

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VMUG Hungary 2017 Q2 – Recap

Yesterday was the second VMUG, HU in 2017, with three community presenters in total!

Cinema City was the host again. Let’s check the agenda!

9:00-9:50 – Regisztráció / Registration

9:50-10:10 – VMUG Leader köszöntő / Welcome

Csaba mentioned, that the VMUG Virtual Event (the last one) is available for free on the Website, so you can watch the entire event. Additionally, here you can check the VMUG Webcasts. The VMworld 2017 Barcelona is coming, (11-14 Sept) so if you have a chance to attend, register. Another good news is that Kiss Tibor has joined again to the VMUG Hungary as a second leader. From now on they will organize the VMUG Conferences together.

10:10-10:40 – CLICO

Előadás címe: Simplify Data Protection for VMware
Előadó: Filip Verloy – Rubrik

Filip has introduced the Rubrik’s Data Protection Solution. From the webpage:

Rubrik Cloud Data Management delivers automated backup, recovery, archival, search, cloud, and development in a simple, scale-out platform built for hybrid cloud.

They simplify the Data protection with using only one converged appliance (a scaleable brick) with 4 independent nodes inside. No backup jobs any more, but we have SLAs.

Instant Point-in-time recovery, configuration under 1 hour, full HTML5 GUI, PowerShell, REST API, integrated with vRO/vRA, public clouds, replication, DR… Sounds promising.

10:40-11:10 – Netapp – DData

Előadás címe: HCI garantált teljesítménnyel
Előadó: Varga Gyula (DData)

Gyula showed us the NetApp’s converged solution, called SolidFire with Element OS. This is the HCI answer from NetApp for the question visible on the slide below:

This All-Flash array guarantees the IOPS performance for the VMs, highly scalable and flexible (you can mix the storage and compute nodes)

11:10-11:40 – Kávészünet / Coffee Break

Some small talks and good coffee:)

11:40-12:10 – VMware

Előadás címe: Újdonságok és érdekességek a VMware háza tájáról.
Előadó: Czuczumanov Valentin

Valentin talked about some recent news. The strategy of  VMware has 4 priorities:

  1. Modernize Data Centers – SDDC
  2. Integrate Public Clouds – AWS and MS Azure. The 60% of the customers are using at least one public cloud already. 48% is using two different public cloud providers. The forecast for 2020 is that the 30% of the workload will be in public clouds.
  3. Empower the Digital Workspace
  4. Transform Security

For more, you can read here. Another news / releases:

12:10-12:40 – Közösségi előadás / Community Presentation

Előadás címe: VMware Mirage for Retail
Előadó : Kiss Tibor (Lapker Zrt.)

Tibor showed us the Mirage (image management tool) PoC, design and administration experiences in a multi location bandwidth sensitive environment with Windows 10 clients.

We have seen how can we install the Mirage components, create a base image with application layers and driver library.

The Windows 10 clients are connected via 3G/4G so the data usage e.g. during a Windows Update is very limited. So he created a new base image and assigned to the clients. The Mirage server sends only the deduplicated, delta data. The results of the measurements are on the following slide:

12:40-13:10 – EBÉD

13:10-13:40 – Közösségi előadás / Community Presentation

Előadás címe: PowerCLI 30 percben
Előadó: Soltész Zoltán (MOL Nyrt.)

Zoltan has brought us one of my favorite topic, the PowerCLI. He started with a small introduction of PowerCLI: Why it is a great tool, what is possible, how can we use it. Since the latest 6.5.1 version we do not need to install the MSI package any more, because the PowerCLI is available directly from the PowerShell Gallery. We went through the installation and some basic command lets.

We also had a demo session: creation of some random VM is just a one-liner, very easy to get information about a VM, or modify a parameter (e.g. CPU, RAM, etc.)

At the end of the presentation Zoltan talked about another possibilities, e.g MSchart, SQL and excel outputs.

13:40-14:10 – Közösségi előadás / Community Presentation

Előadó: Bertalan Bence
Előadás címe: VirtualSAN in action! Tapasztalatok, tippek éles VSAN üzemeltetéséhez

The last presentation was from Bence. He talked about VSAN admin / troubleshoot experiences in production environments. One of the most important requirement was the PCI compliance – (because of the huge multinational corporate) -, which can easily accomplished by VSAN. (physical separation from another workloads). They are basically satisfied with the VSAN: It is continuously and rapidly enhanced, new features are coming, has a great performance, used by more then 8000 customers already. However they had some interesting situations / issues:

  • Check the HCL always (P/N, FW levels, etc.) even if a component was listed they had an outage with a supported FW version. Later it was fixed with a new FW by the vendor
  • IGMP, Multicast – with VSAN 6.6 the IGMP snooping is removed, unicast is used instead of. With the older versions problems could occur.

So the upgrade to the VSAN6.6 is planned, but till now there is no in-place upgrade path from vSphere 6.0 U3.

14:10 – Sorsolás, Zárás / Giveaway, Closing

The sponsors and Csaba had some good prizes.

The next VMUG will be end of September. Have a good holiday!

Update 28/06: Tibor uploaded his Mirage presentation to his blog.

Posts about the past VMUG conferences:

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VMUG Hungary – 2017 Q2

Tomorrow on Tuesday, 26th of Jun will be the the second VMware User Group Hungary conference. Venue is the same as previously.

The mail has been already sent with the following agenda:

  • 9:00-9:50 – Regisztráció
  • 9:50-10:10 – VMUG Leader köszöntő
  • 10:10-10:40 – CLICO
    Előadás címe: Simplify Data Protection for VMware
    Előadó: Filip Verloy – Rubrik
  • 10:40-11:10 – Netapp – DData
    Előadás címe: HCI garantált teljesítménnyel
    Előadó: Varga Gyula (DData)
  • 11:10-11:40 – Kávészünet
  • 11:40-12:10 – VMware
    Előadás címe: Újdonságok és érdekességek a VMware háza tájáról.
    Előadó: Czuczumanov Valentin
  • 12:10-12:40 – Közösségi előadás
    Előadás címe: VMware Mirage for Retail
    Előadó : Kiss Tibor (Lapker Zrt.)
  • 12:40-13:10 – EBÉD
  • 13:10-13:40 – Közösségi előadás
    Előadás címe: PowerCLI 30 percben
    Előadó: Soltész Zoltán (MOL Nyrt.)
  • 13:40-14:10 – Közösségi előadás
    Előadó: Bertalan Bence
    Előadás címe: VirtualSAN in action! Tapasztalatok, tippek éles VSAN üzemeltetéséhez
  • 14:10 – Sorsolás, Zárás

Here you can register, see you there!

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vSAN Experience Day

On 3rd May we had a great day, called vSAN Experience Day. The event hosted by VMware, in Holiday Beach Budapest Hotel.

The presenter, Karel Rudišar is a System Engineer at VMware from Czech Republic. He previously worked at Dell, has significant experience at storage and vSAN area. Let’s check the agenda:

The event was organized as a classroom training. Rudišar has started with the SSDC. Some words about the market share of complete portfolio, evolution of storage components and the current market status of the vSAN. (7000+customers, 100+ countries)

Then we went through the vSAN basics: limitations, policies, HCI, tier types, disk groups, use-cases, options (VxRAIL, ready nodes, certified components)

The latest version of the vSAN 6.6 was just released, with a huge feature package. I also wrote some posts about the new features of the vSAN 6.2 last year, but this table summarizes each release. (click to enlarge)

Stretched cluster had a couple of slides. If you have 5ms RTT & 10Gbps connection between sites, you can build one

Next topics: RoBo, Hybrid vs All-Flash setup.

vRealize Operations Manager has a management pack for vSAN, you can download from here. Here you can check a great demo about it.

Another topics was also excited. If you want to try the vSAN without having any physical vSAN components, you can do it via the Hands On Labs!

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VMUG Hungary 2017 Q1 – Great Opening

Yesterday was the first VMUG, HU in 2017: nice venue, exciting presentations, delicious lunch and around 100-130 attendees. As I wrote, the Cinema City was the host again which has of course a fantastic huge screen for presentations:)

Lets check the agenda a bit detailed.

9:00-9:50Regisztráció / Registration

9:50-10:00 VMUG Leader köszöntő / Welcome

Csaba has talked about the new global VMUG site – he will upload the photos and presentations of the previous VMUG events soon.


Előadás címe: VMware vRealize Operations Manager bevezetés és tapasztalatok a Lapker Zrt.-ben
Előadó: Gyémánt Krisztián (Areus Zrt.) és Kiss Tibor Lapker Zrt.

The first topic was a vRealize Operations Manager PoC / implementation / administration case study in Lapker Zrt. We have seen how awesome is the Infra Navigator (it’s mapping the VM dependencies at application level automatically) Tibor showed us several examples about the alarms and predictions.


Előadó: Boris Mittelmann (VEEAM)
Előadás címe: Hidden and overlooked gems that make VEAAM unigue availability solution

Obviously the message was that they do not like any more the “backup software” category, but using instead “availability” software. the Linux and Windows agents are still in beta, but coming soon.

Also, a new management tool will be launched, called VEEAM Availability Console, for service providers and distributed enterprise environments. A short reminder about the Quick Migration i.e. (s)vMotion w/o vCenter. There were a couple of slides about the Enterprise Manager (coming soon) which is a web based management tool, tag integration. Swiss knife at Veeam side is the Backup Extractor, which is a 20MB size smart tool, handles the VEEAM backup files w/o any infrastructure (vCenter, B&R, etc). So even if all of the infra components are lost, except the backups, VMs / VMDKs / guest files can be restored with this tool.

Also I had a talk with Boris about the new B&R v10. He showed me some very interesting new features, which will come later this year. But I can’t tell more, because he would shoot me down:)

11:00-11:30Kávészünet / Coffee break

Great cookies and good coffee with IT experts  🙂


Előadó: Czuczumanov Valentin
Előadás címe: VMware bejelentések, újdonságok az EUC háza tájáról

Valentin brought us several exciting news.

  • In the ECU segment the magic quadrant showed that the Horizon passed the Citrix.
  • News from the latest Horizon version (7.1):
    • Just-in-time Management Platform (JMP),
    • Blast protocol enhancements in different network conditions,
    • Skype for Business.
  • Workspace One: SSO for your apps from any device.
  • New App Volumes editions are available (Std / Adv / Ent).
  • Based on the recent purchases only 30-32% of the sales at VMware was coming from vSphere. The other huge part was everything else, but upper level.
  • At the end we have seen a great demo about the App Volumes: under 2-3 seconds ~20-30 apps were pushed to a demo desktop. Uninstallation took also only 2-3 seconds. That was impressive.


Előadás címe: Lenovo nagyvállalati megoldásai VMware-re hangolva

Miklos started his presentation with the Lenovo / ex-IBM server portfolio: Tower, Rack, Dense / Flex categories. Currently there are Lenovo based (RS, RD)  and IBM based (System X) rack servers, but in the near future the portfolio will be consolidated: ThinkServer and ThinkAgile will be the only brands. He talked about the Flex nodes, Chassis and the NeXtScale System in details. Both are suitable for virtualization. Then the huge rack servers were mentioned: System x3850 X6, which is a 4-socket 4U high performance modular sever with great expansion options, check the photo, in the left corner.

The beast System x3950 X6 is a 8-socket 8U, which can be logically partitioned into two 4-socket systems. There were couple of slides about the network options and the entry-level storage solutions (Storwize family). Based on the research, Lenovo thinks that the feature of the storage solutions will be the SDS (Software-Defined Storage) with Nexenta and Cloudian.

12:30-13:00EBÉD / Lunch


Előadó: Czuczumanov Valentin
Előadás címe: VMware Validated Designs

In this presentation Valentin showed us what is the VMware Validated Designs We have seen the new 4.0 version. The official webpage has a great definition, so I will use it:

VMware Validated Designs deliver holistic data center-level designs that span compute, storage, networking and management, defining the gold standard for how to deploy and configure the complete VMware SDDC stack in a wide range of use cases.

The version 4.0 is just 3 weeks old, the new set of the documents can be downloaded from here. It defines PODs (Point of Delivery) which can be: Management, Edge and Compute. Here is a great high level post about the POD components. Below a huge poster from the 3.0. The new 4.0 version can be downloaded in .pdf format.

13:30-14:00Közösségi előadás / Community Presentation

Előadó: Herceg András (VCAP-DCA/DCD, vExpert)
Előadás címe: vCenter SSL tanusítvány készítése és cseréje / Self-Signed vCenter SSL Certificate – Creating and Replacing

That was my presentation at the end:) I have talked about how to create and replace a self-signed (expired..) vCenter SSL certificate. I went through also a Root CA (MS AD CS) installation & SSL template creation. This is a non-production (test & dev) environment case-study with a lot troubleshooting, but with a happy end. You can check my Perzi here:

14:00Sorsolás, Zárás / Giveaway, Closing

Giveaway! Csaba and the sponsors had exciting prizes, such as: 1-year VMUG Advantage subscription, VMUG MUG, a Synology 2-disks NAS, (yes, Csaba you are right, that is a really good product, I am using one many years ago:), a VMware bag and some other things.

The next VMUG date is 2017, Jun!

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