Periodic Table of VMware Solutions

VMware = vSphere? Nem!

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A VMware az elmult evek soran a Wikipedia szerint 45 db ceget akviralt, vasarolt fel. A felsorolas reszleges, hianyzik a vegerol tobbek kozott a Mesh 7 (Cloud Native Security) es a (Telco Cloud terulet) is. Kevesbe ismert talan ez a gyartoi oldal, ahol a lista teljes: 51 db ceget tartalmaz. Ez azert nem keves, 15 ev alatt zajlott le, evente atlagosan 3-4 ceg beolvasztasat jelentette.

Na de miert erdekes ez? Elofordul ma is, hogy a VMware-t a vSphere-rel azonositjak. Vitathatatlan hogy ezzel a hypervisorral “indult minden”, az 1.0-as ESX 2001.03.23-an jelent meg, az 1.5-rol itt a press release 2002 majusbol. Emellett az azota eltelt 20 ev alatt a ceg az emlitett felvasarlasokkal egyutt oriasit novekedett, ami egyben a portfolio elkepeszto bovuleset is hozta magaval.

A megoldasokat ma mar 4 fo kategoriaba sorolhatjuk, a legfontosabbak zarojelben:

  • Apps & Cloud (multi-cloud, Telco Cloud, Tanzu, Cloud Infra, HCI, CMP)
  • Networking (NSX, AVI, TSM, SD-WAN, SASE, HCX)
  • Workspace (Workspace ONE, Horizon)
  • Security (Carbon Black, NSX FW, NSX IDS/IPS)

Termeszetesen, ez mind megtalalhato a VMware honlapon, de hogy ezeket egy oldalon egyben at tudjuk tekinteni, keszitettem egy “periodusos rendszert”. Habar nem szerepel rajta minden, hiszen “csak” 118 kaphatott helyet. Azok viszont kategoriaval (bovitettem tovabbiakkal), linkekkel es elerhetoseggel (onprem/cloud), illetve licenszeles szerint (orok licensz vagy elofizetes) rendezve.

Az otletet egyebkent a regebben igen kozkedvelt VMware Posterek adtak:)

A legfrissebb verzio mindig innen lesz szabadon elerheto, pdf formatumban.

VMware = vSphere? Nope!

During the last couple of years VMware has acquired 45 companies, according to the Wikipedia. However that list isn’t complete, since the Mesh 7 (Cloud Native Security), the (Telco Cloud area) and others are missing from that article. We have an official page (maybe less known), which contains 51 companies currently. That is a lot, even for the last 15 years. So, in average 3-4 companies in every year.

But, why is it so interesting? Because even these days sometimes it happens, that people say VMware = vSphere. No doubt, that everything is started with the hypervisor – the ESX 1.0 version was announced on 23th of March, 2001. And this is the press release of the ESX 1.5 from 2002 May. Furthermore, in the last ~20 years the company (with the mentioned acquisitions) is continuously growing, that led us to an extraordinary wide and well integrated portfolio.

Today we can categorize the solutions in 4 main areas:

  • Apps & Cloud (multi-cloud, Telco Cloud, Tanzu, Cloud Infra, HCI, CMP)
  • Networking (NSX, AVI, TSM, SD-WAN, SASE, HCX)
  • Workspace (Workspace ONE, Horizon)
  • Security (Carbon Black, NSX FW, NSX IDS/IPS)

Of course, everything can be found on the VMware‘s webpage, but in order to get a simple one page view about the main portfolio, I created a “Periodic Table of Elements” like one-pager for the most important products and solutions. Please note, that there are “only” 118 spaces, so it isn’t / cannot be complete. But, every element has a category, link, deployment model (On Prem / Cloud) and license model (Perpetual / Subscription) added as attributes.

The idea is coming from the well favored VMware Posters.🙂

The most recent version can be downloaded for free in pdf format.

Versions & Download in PDF

Download in pdf, Shared by VMware on LinkedIn

  • 1.6, 28th of Nov, 2022 – Tanzu Basic/Advanced removed. Azure Spring Apps renamed, Application Transformer, vSphere with Tanzu added, VSR/VCDR modifications
  • 1.5, 20th of Oct, 2022 – vCenter Converter is now available for download. Disclaimer added.
  • 1.4, 7th of Oct, 2022 – Aria, Explore, Converter and Tanzu updates
  • 1.3, 16th of Sept, 2022 – Added / Renamed: Aria family, Data / Tanzu / Cloud solutions and Explore announcements.
  • 1.2, 17th of Aug, 2022 – Updated icons & added new solutions (VS+, VSAN+, TKO, VMConAWS Outposts), renaming, minor design changes
  • 1.1, 16th of Feb, 2022 – Updated vCenter Converter link and wrap texts
  • 1.0, 15th of Feb, 2022 – Initial version

As stated on the material, this is under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license, so Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International. You are free to share it.

DISCLAIMER: Please note, that the short names (stylized as chemical elements) are NOT the official VMware product abbreviations and are for illustration purposes ONLY. For the complete official names please visit, or the official product links from the table

Let me know your thoughts, mistakes/correction suggestions or any feedbacks in the messages, or connect me on LinkedIn!

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