VCAP6-DCV Design – Study Resources

As I mentioned in VCAP6-DCV Design exam experience blog post, I have collected the study resources which might also help to you if you are planning to take the VCAP6-DCV Design (3C0-622) exam.


First of all a lot of books, whitepapers, blog posts, case studies from the VCAP5-DCD are still very good and valid, I used (almost all of) them again. I would suggest to check this post, where I have listed the study material (It’s Hungarian, but just use the links). In the followings there will be new materials for 5.5 as well – (since my last DCD exam a lot of new and good resources came up) – and for vSphere 6. So here is my list which contains only the new materials, so check my version 5 DCD resources here first.

VMware resources


I have red again the following books:

And a very new book from Duncan Epping, called:

Other links

Blog posts

Exam experiences (w study resources)

  • from – 5.5 based, but has some useful links.
  • from – still 5.5 based, but a good one
  • from – VCAP6-DCV Design Beta Exam Recap
  • from – VCAP6 DCV (3V0-622) Design -Beta exam- feedback
  • from – exam experience and resources for v6

Study groups

Own Lab

  • To play with the features I would suggest to build a home (nested) lab, if possible. Of course there are other good possibilities (VMware HOL, as I mentioned), but I think the best if you have your own sandbox.

I hope these resources will help to you as well. Good luck with your exam!

We still don’t know the results, excepted after 06/23/2016.

Update 07/24/2016: VMware has just announced: 2x VCAP6 Design Certification Exams Available (DCV and CMA) and also finally something about the beta scoring:

we are currently rescoring those results and expect to have your score out to you by the middle of August.

Can’t wait.

Update 08/29/2016: Finally the results are OUT!

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